BDAT Contract Consultation

BDAT Contract Consultation – latest position 20.12.18
In Autumn 2018, the Board consulted on a series of proposed changes to staff contracts.
Following a meeting of the Board in November 2018, the Board has now published a document detailing the changes which we now propose to move ahead with. We hope that whilst there are still some changes being implemented, staff will note that employee feedback has been carefully considered in the final contracts being adopted and many changes have been made since the start of the consultation in response to staff comments.

BDAT Contract Consultation Outcome Nov 2018 v2

New contracts are listed below:

In considering the changes, the Board has listened to staff views and the comments made by unions. Where we have felt changes could be made in light of feedback, we listened and those changes have been made. Where the Board felt changes were important – because they produced cost savings, secured jobs or addressed areas schools have told us current terms are problematic – those changes have remained.

Crucially it is important to note we are not the first Academy Chain to vary from elements of national terms and conditions – far from it. To get a comparison of how these terms compare to what other Trusts have changed please visit

We have consulted regularly with unions on the proposed changes. Please find below a copy of the Board’s latest response to the unions.

BDAT response to union Nov 18 letter V2 26.11.18

Unfortunately at this time we have failed to agree some of the terms within the contracts with unions as they are simply unable to endorse any change from the national terms within teaching or non-teaching staff contracts. As a Board this outcome is disappointing as we entered the process as a genuine consultation and feel we have moved significantly from our original position and contract terms and would have hoped to reach a middle ground.

Next steps

The Trust has now agreed formal conciliation with ACAS to try and reach an agreement on the three areas currently still being debated. These relate to sick pay, notice periods and apportionment entitlement to unpaid days of work. We have a date set for later in January. We genuinely hope to be able to reach agreement through this process and will of course be back in touch with staff shortly after this meeting to inform you of the outcome. Until we have concluded this process, both sides have agreed to maintain a status quo position whereby the Trust will not issue any new style contracts and the Unions will not seek to take any further action.

If you are interested in having a one to one meeting with either School Leader, Trust Leader or Governor to discuss any concerns you may still have, please email

In the meantime we do urge staff to take the time to look at the contract versions which are on this web page and continue to take the time to ask any questions you may have, either through the consultation inbox or by speaking to your Business Manager or school leaders .

Update 23.01.19 – BDAT met with the joint unions yesterday, Tuesday 22nd January, under the auspices of ACAS, to attempt conciliation on the proposed new contracts. Some further progress was made.  We have agreed to meet again in February to try to finalise an agreement.

In the meantime, nothing about your terms of employment will change and we will not be issuing any new contracts.

We will obviously be in touch after the next meeting at ACAS.

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