BDAT Leader of Education (BDAT LE)


We wish to formally recognise, acknowledge and validate the expertise within our schools, which results in improved experiences for students and/or staff, through the BDAT Leader of Education Designation.

How does it work?

The BDAT LE programme is designed to recognise our staff (both teaching and support staff) who have contributed to cross-trust development work by:

  • Developing areas of work as outlined in the Trust Strategic Plan
  • Actively contributing to workforce development including the early career programmes
  • Recognising participation in school to school improvement work

Awards Categories

  1. BDAT LE (Research)
  2. BDAT LE (Workforce Development)
  3. BDAT LE (School to School support)
  4. BDAT LE (Inclusion)


Applicants are nominated, once a year, by their Headteachers and must meet the following criteria:

Candidates should be:

  • Committed to improving the outcomes for young people within the Trust and across Bradford (A, B, C & D)
  • Committed to and uphold the values of BDAT (A, B, C & D)
  • Committed to partnership working (A, B, C & D)
  • In a post of responsibility and have held it for at least two years (B, C & D)
  • A solidly good or better teacher on a day-to-day basis (A, B, C & D) *
  • Data literate, with the ability to identify appropriate lines of enquiry arising from data analysis (C & D)
  • Able to evaluate quality of teaching & learning (strategies) accurately (A, B, C & D) *
  • Emotionally intelligent (A, B, C & D)

*not required for workforce applicants other than teachers

Candidates should evidence:

  • Positive impact within their own school (and ideally in other schools)
  • Cross school working if possible
  • Up to date subject/phase/area of expertise knowledge
  • Ideally experience of dealing with challenging (staffing situations or) situations, including staffing, appropriately and with sensitivity
  • An understanding of school improvement, workforce development and effective action planning

How can I get involved?

Whilst nominations will still come initially from Headteachers, if you are interested in becoming a BDAT LE or want to find out more, or if you know someone who could be a great BDAT LE, please do speak to your Headteacher or line manager.

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