Staff Survey

Headline Findings from the BDAT Staff Survey 2020

Earlier in the year we ran the annual BDAT Staff Survey across all 17 schools in the Trust. Developed with the support of the staff voice group, it gathered feedback from staff in three key areas:

  • Staff satisfaction with their school setting, including wellbeing and workload.
  • Staff retention and development.
  • Staff satisfaction with the Trust.

The survey closed at February half term just before COVID hit our schools.

Context and Engagement

The survey ran from 20th January to 17th February.

  • 688 colleagues took part in the survey answering at least some of the questions.
  • Of those staff 67% answered all the questions (448 staff).
  • It was difficult to identify the make up of these staff as not all staff members identified a group, but of those who did, it appears we have slightly more support staff than teachers responding and slightly more primary responders than secondary.

Key findings


  • Staff enjoy their work, 97% gave a positive result, they are proud to work at their schools (96%) and for the Trust.
  • There are positive relationships between colleagues, including with the central team.
  • There is a projected stability of staff, with 72% of colleagues seeing themselves working within the Trust in two years.
  • In the qualitative answers, there was a strong feeling of family.

Areas for reflection:

  • Staff would welcome more support with workload, health, and wellbeing.
  • We could be clearer about our staff CPD and career offers.
  • How can we ensure clear communication across the Trust.

To find out more
The PowerPoint which covers the full survey findings provides more detailed information.  There are further headlines in our July 2020 Newsletter which can be found here 

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