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Our vision

BDAT strives to be an Employer of Choice. We want to ensure every member of staff has the opportunity to fulfil their professional potential and accomplish their career goals.

Our core Trust values are aspiration, inclusion, compassion, resilience and excellence. We seek to model these values in all we do, including how we recruit and develop our staff, how we teach our students and how we liaise with our families, friends and partners.

We are a proudly Christian organisation committed to providing high-quality education for all within our ethos. Whilst robust Christian principles underpin the work of the Trust, everyone is encouraged to explore their own spirituality and to recognise and understand that of others. We describe ourselves as having inclusive values believing these are as appropriate and important to staff and students of all faiths (and to those without faith) as they are to those who practice within the Church of England. It is for this reason we choose to support and sponsor Non-Church of England Academies, as well as those within the faith. Therefore,  we welcome applications from employees of all faiths as long as they understand and can promote the values which we share.

BDAT is a Trust which recognises each of our schools is unique. We actively encourage and celebrate difference as we know each of our schools serves very different communities. However we also know that a key strength of being part of a Trust means together our schools can support each other, learn from each other and share great practice. As importantly we know from working our way through the COVID pandemic, that a problem shared really can be a problem halved, and by working together we can save ourselves time, money and lots of duplication of work.

Our Employer of Choice Mission…

To drive school improvement by recruiting, developing and retaining highly competent and confident staff to deliver high quality education so every child can fulfil their potential and goals.

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We have lots of exciting opportunities within the Trust.  If you want the chance to join a Trust committed to developing the very best teachers and school staff in Bradford, you can find out more information here:

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Great to be back @CullingworthVPS today to hear about all the exciting plans school leaders have for the summer term and listening to the sounds of lots of happy pupils in and outside school. @WeAreBDAT


ST Philips has decided to clear up our school grounds. We have pledged 600 minutes and 30 miles #litterheroes #millionmilemission in from now until June. @WeAreBDAT @STPHILIPSCE