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Keith Vickerman has retired after a lifetime of public service to schools in Bradford, Shipley and other parts of the country. Most recently he has been a valued member of the Governing Body at Immanuel college.

More than 50 years ago he was part of the Shipley Education Executive under the West Riding Education Committee. The first decision he was involved related to whether to go comprehensive or not. He was heavily involved in the planning but then his ‘day-time’ employment moved him to Arbroath, then Liverpool and London, only returning to Shipley 30 years later. During his time away from Bradford he was involved in primary school governance.

When he came back he was interested to see how his planning had worked out and managed to get a place on the Governing body. At that time the school was in a parlous state and the finances were in a terrible mess, but since then, the school has improved constantly due to a succession of good decisions. Keith told us that he felt that capable and conscientious Chairs of Governors were the start of the school improvement, particularly one of the first, Brenda Kimber, who took the Chair at some very challenging meetings. As well as that, there has been good leadership; the decision to appoint the current Headteacher was the start of progress, promoting welfare and achievement of all students. This has happened consistently, with other members of the Senior Leadership Team also being involved in this progress and other staff who support the students and give them opportunities they would not otherwise get.

In seeking a comprehensive education for the area, Keith wanted to get the quality of teaching seen in grammar schools to be replicated in a comprehensive setting and he believes that this is happening at Immanuel.

Governors feel that Keith is being very modest, he has been a Governor for many years. 10 years in Bradford then 18 years in London and finally a further 17 years back in Bradford, over 45 years in all!

Keith joined Immanuel in 2001 and has been constant in his support of the school. He has had a clear and passionate commitment to public duty and wanting the best for students.

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